Welcome to LowCarbvana, where low carb doesn’t have to mean low taste.

My goal for LowCarbvana is to share my personal, tried and true, yummy, low-carb recipes.

LowCarbvana is designed to help those looking for a low-carb diet, whether by choice or because of Diabetes. The recipes at LowCarbvana are not only low-carb and delicious, but also simple to make. I use ingredients (see Pantry Staples ) that are probably in your pantry or easy to find when shopping. They are not something you have never even heard of or would never use again.

When our daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (TID) as a small child in 1999, it was incredibly difficult to find tasty recipes that were actually low carb. My plan is to make LowCarbvana a one-stop site for low-carb recipes, ingredients and tips for those wanting to follow a healthy low-carb diet.

Why LowCarbvana?

I’ve been compiling and creating low-carb recipes since Sarah was diagnosed with TID over 20 years ago. I’ve personally made and taste-tested every recipe you’ll find on LowCarbvana. I will never share one that I haven’t made and tasted myself.

I want to provide an easy place to find truly low-carb recipes and other helpful resources.

About Irma

Although I’ve recently been diagnosed with Diabetes myself, I lead an active lifestyle. I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and anything outdoors. I also love teaching yoga (hence the name, LowCarbvana). I’m an energetic wife, mother of three, and grandmother to three adorable grandchildren. Love, love, love cooking with them and for them! That’s my happy place!

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